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Sunday, March 19, 2023

14 special trains will run for 4 consecutive days on Sealdah-Bangaon branch.

 Sunday is the birth anniversary of Harichand Thakur, the founder of Matua religion. On that occasion, Thakurnagar's Matua Mela will continue for 7 days. Eastern Railway is arranging a special train for pilgrims to travel to this Matua Mela. The railway authorities have decided to run a total of 14 EMU special trains up-down in Bangaon branch of Sealdah division. In addition to Sealdah-Bangaon, Gede-Thakurnagar, Krishnanagar-Thakurnagar, Kathgodam-Thakurnagar routes, several special trains have also been announced by the railways.

Down trains will run on Gede-Thakurnagar route on March 18 and 19. That is, special trains will be run from Gede to Thakurnagar these two days. The train will arrive at Thakurnagar via Bangaon. Let's see when the train will come from Gede to Thakurnagar. This train will arrive from Gede to Thakurnagar at 11:25 am on March 18. This special train will leave Gede at 5:15 am on March 19.

Also trains from Krishnanagar to Thakurnagar will run on March 19 and 21. On these two days, the down train will leave from Krishnanagar at 1 pm. It will reach Thakurnagar at 2:55 PM. On the other hand, the train will leave Thakurnagar at 7:30 PM on both days and reach Krishnanagar City Junction at 9:17 PM.

Again, trains will run on Canning-Thakurnagar route on March 19 and 21. The train will leave Canning station at 5 am on both these days. It will reach Thakurnagar at 7:58 AM via Dum Dum Junction. There is a return train from Thakurnagar to Canning on both those days at 6:35 PM. It will return from Thakurnagar to Canning at 9:20 PM.

The train will depart from Kathgodam on Thursday at 10 am. The train will reach Thakurnagar at 7:30 pm the next day. Again, the train will depart from Thakurnagar at 12:30 PM on Monday and reach Kathgodam by 2:30 PM on Wednesday. It is known that the train will stop at Kolkata, Dankuni, Burdwan, Bolpur, Rampurhat, Malda. Then it will go to the destination via Katihar in Bihar.

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