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Monday, November 5, 2018

2018 78 Diwali Special Trains

To manage extra rush of passengers during Diwali Festival 2018, Northern Railway has announced to run another 78 special trains. Details given below.

Schedule of Norther Railway's new special trains
Special train numberStation fromDeparture timeStation toArrival time
4052Anand Vihar Terminal11:45Katihar Junction14:00
4051Katihar Junction20:00Anand Vihar Terminal23:00
4054Anand Vihar Terminal11:45Katihar Junction14:00
4053Katihar Junction20:00Anand Vihar Terminal23:00
4056New Delhi11:45Katihar Junction14:00
4055Katihar Junction20:00New Delhi23:00
4070Delhi Junction13:30Muzaffarpur Junction13:00
4069Muzaffarpur Junction14:30Delhi Junction14:00
4072New Delhi13:30Muzaffarpur Junction13:00
4071Darbhanga Junction14:30New Delhi14:00
4058New Delhi0:20Darbhanga Junction23:30
4057Darbhanga Junction1:30New Delhi0:50
4060New Delhi11:00Darbhanga Junction23:30
4059Darbhanga Junction23:00New Delhi0:50
4062New Delhi11:00Darbhanga Junction12:30
4061Darbhanga Junction23:00New Delhi0:30
4064New Delhi11:00Darbhanga Junction12:30
4063Darbhanga Junction23:00New Delhi0:30
4066Delhi Junction11:00Darbhanga Junction12:30
4065Darbhanga Junction23:00Delhi Junction0:30

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