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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Central Railways 626 Summer Special Trains 2017

To manage extra rush of passengers during Summer Season 2017, Central Railway will run 626 summer special trains between various destinations.

Central Railway – 626 summer special trains to clear the extra rush of passengers.

To clear extra rush of passengers during Summer Season 2017, Central Railway has announced 626 summer special trains between various destinations.  The details of the trains are as given below:
CSTSawantwadi010017/4/2017 to 2/6/2017Fri92S, GS
SawantwadiCST010028/4/2017 to 3/6/2017Sat9
LTTKarmali (Goa)020057/4/2017 to 2/6/2017Fri91A, 2A, 3A
Karmali (Goa)LTT020067/4/2017 to 2/6/2017Fri9
LTTSawantwadi010451/4/2017 to 3/6/2017Sat102S, GS
SawantwadiLTT010462/4/2017 to 4/6/2017Sun10
LTTSainagar Shirdi021296/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu131A, 2A, 3A
Sainagar ShirdiDadar021307/4/2017 to 30/6/2017Fri13
DadarSainagar Shirdi021317/4/2017 to 30/6/2017Fri132A, 3A, SL
Sainagar ShirdiDadar021328/4/2017 to 1/7/2017Sat13
CSTLucknow021114/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue133AC
LucknowCST021125/4/2017 to 28/6/2017Wed13
CSTJammu Tawi021717/4/2017 to 30/6/2017Fri133AC
Jammu TawiCST021729/4/2017 to 2/7/2017Sun13
LTTGorakhpur011174/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue132S, GS
GorakhpurLTT011186/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu13
LTTManduadih010875/4/2017 to 28/6/2017Wed122A, 3A
SL, 2S
ManduadihLTT020886/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu12
LTTGorakhpur011151/4/2017 to 24/6/2017Sat132A, 3A
SL, 2S
GorakhpurLTT011162/4/2017 to 25/6/2017Sun13
Ajni (Nagpur)Madgaon (Goa)011193/4/2017 to 5/6/2017Mon102A, 3A
SL, 2S
Madgaon (Goa)Ajni (Nagpur)011204/4/2017 to 6/6/2017Tue10
CSTPatna011773/4/2017 to 26/6/2017Mon13Unreserved
PatnaCST020544/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue13
PuneErnakulam013236/4/2017 to 8/6/2017Thu103A
ErnakulamPune013247/4/2017 to 9/6/2017Fri10
PunePatna021497/4/2017 to 30/6/2017Fri132A, 3A, SL, GS
PatnaPune013509/4/2017 to 2/7/2017Sun13
PuneTirunelveli013212/4/2017 to 4/6/2017Sun103A
TirunelveliPune013224/4/2017 to 6/6/2017Tue10
NagpurPune010307/4/2017 to 16/6/2017Fri11Unreserved
PuneNagpur010298/4/2017 to 17/6/2017Sat11
PuneBilaspur020434/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue132A, 3A, SL, GS
BilaspurPune020445/4/2017 to 28/6/2017Wed13
LTTManduadih01097On 3/5/2017Wed12A, 3A, SL, 2S (Teachers’ Special)
ManduadihLTT02098On 8/6/2017Thu1
KamakhyaPune825063/4/2017 to 26/6/2017Mon132A, 3A, SL
Suvidha Special
PuneKamakhya825056/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu13
JabalpurPune016563/4/2017 to 26/6/2017Mon132A, 3A, SL, GS
PuneJabalpur016554/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue13
Hazur Sahib NandedAjni (Nagpur)076293/4/2017 to 26/6/2017Mon132A, 3A, SL, GS
Ajni (Nagpur)Hazur Sahib Nanded076304/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue13
Hazrat NizamuddinPune044184/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue131A, 2A, 3A,
PuneHazrat Nizamuddin044176/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu13
OkhaSainagar Shirdi0956411/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue122A, 3A, GS
Sainagar ShirdiOkha0956312/4/2017 to 28/6/2017Wed12
YesvantpurPandharpur065416/4/2017 to 29/6/2017Thu131A, 2A, 3A, SL
PandharpurYesvantpur065427/4/2017 to 30/6/2017Fri13
SantragachiPune028221/4/2017 to 24/6/2017Sat132A, 3A
PuneSantragachi028213/4/2017 to 26/6/2017Mon13
GorakhpurCST025971/4/2017 to 24/6/2017Sat13Unreserved
CSTGorakhpur025982/4/2017 to 25/6/2017Sun13
SealdahLTT0225516/4/2017 to 25/6/2017Sun112A, 3A
LTTSealdah0225618/4/2017 to 27/6/2017Tue11
1A – First Class AC; 2A– AC-2 Tier; 3A – AC-3 Tier, SL– Sleeper Class, 2S– Second Seating
GS – General Second Class
Please check in some trains general second class coaches are treated as unreserved.
Reservation: Bookings for trains leaving following CR stations have already open.
CST – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai
LTT – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
Sainagar Shirdi

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