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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

URS mela special train 2013 between Howrah and Ajmer

To clear the extra rush of passengers during URS mela at Ajmer, one pair of festival special trains will run between Howrah and Ajmer.

Details of the up and down direction URS special 2013 trains are given below:

The Howrah-Ajmer URS special train will run on 15 May and the train from Ajmer-Howrah will run on 18 May 2013.

Howrah-Ajmer URS special train 2013

Train number: 03137
Departure from Howrah: 12.05 hrs
Departure from Asansol: 15.55 hrs
Departure from Dhanbad: 17.25 hrs
Departure from Barkakana: 20.35 hrs
Departure from Daltonganj: 23.14 hrs
Departure from Katni Marwara Jn: 11.50 hrs
Departure from Kota: 22.10 hrs
Departure from Chattaurgarh: 02.30 hrs
Arrival at Ajmer: 06.30 hrs

Ajmer-Howrah URS special train 2013

Train number: 03138
Departure from Ajmer: 20.05 hrs
Departure from Chattaurgarh: 23.20 hrs
Departure from Kota: 03.00 hrs
Departure from Katni Marwara Jn: 14.50 hrs
Departure from Daltonganj: 03.05 hrs
Departure from Barkakana: 06.40 hrs
Departure from Dhanbad: 10.42 hrs
Departure from Asansol: 12.25 hrs
Arrival at Howrah: 16.15 hrs

Apart from the above railway stations, the URS special trains 2013 will also stop at Bandel, Burdwan, Durgapur, Barwardih, Garhwa Road, Chopan, Singrauli, Beohari, Damoh, Sagaur, Malkhedi, Guna, Baran, Bundi, Bhilwara, Bijainagar and Nasirabad stations.

Composition of the URS special trains 2013 - train numbers 03137 and 03138: 11 sleeper class coach, 2 general second class and 2 SLR.

Booking of up direction train is open from 14 May.

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