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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opening Of Sealdah To Barrackpore EMU Local Train No.31239 / 31240

               Inauguration of Train No.31239 / 31240 on 12/02/2012 with open timings of Sealdah – Barrackpor Section Of Sealdah Division of Eastern Railway which was announced in the Time Table of July 2011.

               The regular service of Train No.31239 / 31240 Sealdah – Barrackpor will be available from 13/02/2012. This pair of Train will run daily and will stop all Stations between Sealdah and Barrackpor

               Train No.31239 will leave Sealdah at 13.32 hrs and will reach at Barrackpor at 14.22 hrs.

              Train No.31240 will leave Barrackpor at 14.42 hrs and will reach at Sealdah at 15.20 hrs. 

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